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According to Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family or friends over any other form of advertising.

5 Ways to Partner with Local Influencers in 2022

Ready to tap a local market by leveraging local voices? Work with the hummingbirds or nano influencers in 2022!

Are You Ready for Hummingbirds?

Have you been curious about partnering with the hummingbirds and wondering if your brand is ready? Here are the top five things we encourage our customers to understand and look at before bringing hundreds or thousands of new visitors to them. 1. You have an active...

Consistently Point NEW People to Your Business: A Case Study with a Membership Client

Wallace Centers is a Des Moines-based nonprofit whose mission is to build awareness of local food, sustainable agriculture, and civility. They offer farm to table dining experience, cooking classes and gardening workshops and...

Case study: Rollins Mansion Event

Over 50 hummingbirds and their guests packed Rollins Mansion in February 2020 to experience their new offerings and the beautiful space.

Local Des Moines Hummingbirds Share Art Center Brand Experiences

Our beloved Des Moines Art Center partnered with five new hummingbirds per month to help get the word out about workshops, events, and other exciting happenings.

Create an Experience that Gets Locals Talking

We love it when businesses recognize that the relationships they build with those in their community are so much more important than the amount of likes they accumulate on their posts. Relationships are a long game, which is why we cheer when brands take advantage of our monthly option for our hummingbird services. 

A Local Shopping Experience Shared to Local Friends + Followers

Create an unforgettable experience and you could get buyers for life. Learn more about our partnership with Fusion Fashion and how it helped grow the brand’s reach + customer base.

Summer Hummingbird Meetup at Crème Cupcake

Last night we packed the four walls of Crème Cupcake with 50+ happy hummingbirds, eager to experience this Des Moines dessert lounge institution and learn more about how they could better support our local community.

Get Engaged with the #dsmhummingbird Charm

Have you been wondering what it’s like to work with community builders and local enthusiasts? From large-scale business unveiling events to sampling pizza at home to showing up for a musical performance, our hummingbirds are committed to engaging with a brand and...

Local Des Moines Hummingbirds Ride with Cyclebar

Our hummingbird charm showed up at CycleBar in West Des Moines for a sweaty, fun ride in January and were asked to post Instagram Stories, Instagram Posts, and Facebook Posts in exchange for a free ride that night + five additional rides to use throughout the...