Are your hummingbirds actually influencers?

Nope, hummingbirds are everyday local people who use social media to share what they’re up to. These people are deeply trusted by their coworkers, friends, neighbors, gym pals, and other circles they run in. They’re influential to their own networks and when they recommend something, their peers listen. You heard it here: 92% of consumers trust recommendations from family or friends over any other form of advertising.

What do hummingbirds do exactly?

They try a new product, service, or experience and share about it on social media. Currently, they are given a perk (free massage, free tickets to an event, free product) and then post about it on Facebook and/or Instagram.

What platforms do the hummingbirds use?

Right now we currently offer Facebook and Instagram.

How do hummingbirds get paid?

To date, they don’t! We offer them perks that are typically anywhere between $30-150 in value. Because these individuals are not influencers who depend on paid partnerships, they’re happy to get a free meal, a fun experience in their city, or a gifted service. Hummingbirds opt into partnerships knowing the perk and its value.


Can I see the hummingbirds before I set up a partnership?

We do not currently allow our web visitors or clients to view our hummingbirds at any given time. The good news is we’re all over social media and regularly tag the hummingbirds who are part of our charm so you can check them out!

How does your company get paid?

We are similar to a talent agency. You come to us and we broker the relationships with our community. Our pricing can be found on our business page.

Can I share a discount to all of your hummingbirds?

Yes, we can share this in our weekly emails and weekly announcements in our online community. We do not recruit hummingbirds, we simply share your promotion that is exclusive to the hummingbirds. This investment varies based on number of hummingbirds we have in our database or specific community.

How do I create a good perk?

We find that perks that are $50+ tend to get the most interest from hummingbirds. If you have a unique experience and need to consult with our team on how to powerfully leverage social sharing, you can email us at [email protected] to book a call.

Can I use the content the hummingbirds create?

You must purchase a licensing agreement to use this content so we can fairly pay our hummingbirds.

Can your hummingbirds leave reviews?

Our focus is only on social sharing. However, if you want to build a meaningful relationship with the hummingbirds, you’re more than welcome to ask them to leave a review.

What if a hummingbird has a bad experience?

Look, it happens. Sometimes our birds don’t enjoy products, services, or experiences and so we don’t ask them to post. The great thing about our business model is you only pay for the posts you get, so in the end you won’t have to pay for it.

How many hummingbirds should I work with?

What kind of impact do you want to make? If you want to saturate a local marketplace, go big! If you want an intimate gathering of 30-something moms who live in the downtown area of your city, you’ll likely engage with a smaller group of people.

How do I know if hummingbirds are right for my company?

Wish you had more external validation about your offerings? Hummingbird content creates that which is social proof. Hoping more people would be talking about you to all their friends and family (WOM marketing)? That’s what the birds are best at. Want user-generated content blowing up all over social media? We do that.

What if I find one hummingbird I want to keep working with?

We offer an ambassador program to clients who want to keep an ongoing relationship with one or several hummingbirds. It’s a custom experience you can inquire about at [email protected]